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Awesome Etiquette: The Long Hallway Greeting


In the first episode of Awesome Etiquette on VPR, we talk about how to interact with people in a long hallway, answering this question from a listener:

“I had a question regarding maintaining eye contact. At the office where I work there is one long hallway that runs through the building. I often find myself noticing someone walking towards me from the opposite end. And while I want to do the polite thing and greet them or smile, because of the extremely long distance, I don’t often feel comfortable maintaining that eye contact for the entire time. Do you have any advice for the polite protocol for time to maintain eye contact, particularly with people who are just acquaintances or coworkers?”

Awesome Etiquette is recorded at VPR and is part of the Infinite Guest Podcast Network. Have a question about etiquette in the 21st century? Email Awesome Etiquette here.

Awesome Etiquette replaces 99% Invisible on our schedule. The radio program is no longer in production, but you can listen to the podcast at 99%Invisible.org.