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Awesome Etiquette: Breakfast For Dinner ... At A Wedding?

In this week's episode, hosts Daniel Post Senning and Lizza Post answer a question from a listener about etiquette regarding serving breakfast food at a wedding.

Breakfast for dinner is an epic-level move. Putting together a fun wedding is, too. Does it work to combine the two? What will the family think?

In this week's episode, hosts Daniel Post Senning and Lizzie Post answer this question from a listener:

"My husband and I are involved in planning a wedding for a couple in their mid-20s. Bride's dad is totally out of the picture and so far mom's been uninvolved in any planning, despite bride's efforts to get her in the loop. The couple are getting married in our back yard, footing most of the bill themselves.

"Here's my husband's and my dilemma: They are planning a late-afternoon wedding with dinner and dancing. The menu for 75 guests is to be breakfast burritos and French toast served buffet style. I believe guests will have the option of choosing burrito fillings, mimosas, beer, possibly sangria and a non-alcoholic beverage. We tried to dissuade them; how about a 10 a.m. wedding? As we believe this will not be remembered fondly, but as cheap and or tacky by a number of folks who will be traveling some distance, paying for lodging and a gift. The couple say they don't care if people think they are crazy. They seem to be going a bit for shock effect. Are we out of touch? Are we concerned about nothing? Should we drop it?"

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