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Awesome Etiquette: Proper Introductions

This week, we answer a listener's question about the proper etiquette of introductions.

This week, we talk about the etiquette of a proper introduction, answering this question from a listener:

“My son lives in Chicago and recently came home to Texas to attend my retirement party. He brought his current girlfriend who had never met our extended family. The party was at our house and there were many people there including my brother and his two adult children.

"The week after the party, I found out that my brother and his children never met my son’s girlfriend. When I asked my niece about it, she said my son never introduced her to them. She said that it was his responsibility to make sure that they met his girlfriend. I’m a little irritated because my relatives were only a few feet away form my son and his girlfriend and didn’t bother to speak to them. Am I in the wrong here?”

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