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'Colorblind': Study Examines Awareness And Racial Bias

South Burlington High School and Milton Middle School have both had rocky conversations about race and inclusion during this school year.
Awareness of subtle racial bias can impact daily interactions between individuals.

Social psychologists tell us we are bombarded with messages all the time that influence our subtle and subconscious reactions to people around us. Now, a new study from a UVM researcher puts a fine point on how that applies to subtle and subconscious racial bias - particularly, the reactions that white people have to individuals of color.

The study by social psychologist Sylvia Perry and published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology finds that white individuals who are aware of their biases are more motivated to address prejudice. The study examines the role of self-reflection in leading individuals to challenge their own and others' behaviors in interactions with people of color.

Also in the program, David Mears announced last week that he is leaving his post as the commissioner of the Department of Environmental Conservation. We speak with Mears about the issues that occupied his time at DEC, and the priorities that the next commissioner will need to take on.

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