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Awesome Etiquette: How To Talk About Health Issues With Strangers Without Oversharing

This week, we talk about how to discuss health issues with strangers in a polite way, answering a question from a listener who gets dirty looks while having to sit on crowded buses or subways.

This week, we talk about how to let strangers know about your medical needs without oversharing, answering this question from a listener:

"I'm fairly young and look around my age or possibly younger – I'm 28, for reference – I have a back injury that causes me chronic, daily pain, but does not require me to use a cane or other means of assistance to walk. However, walking long distances, standing too long, being jostled about, etc. can cause me a great deal of pain."

"Very often, when I remain seated on crowded public transportation, take a seat in a busy waiting area ... I get some really dirty looks and comments from people around me who don't realize I have a chronic injury, because I don't look sick and I'm taking a seat when perhaps they think others should be able to. I give up my seat for anyone who seems to really need it: older adults, pregnant women, but also feel really hurt, emotionally and physically, when I get dirty looks ... Is there a way to address these looks or comments from strangers?"

Also, we talk about how to respond to texts sent in error to your cell phone.

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