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How John Dewey Changed The World

Library of Congress
John Dewey, born in Burlington in 1859, was one of America's most wide-ranging and influential thinkers.

First of all, Vermont native John Dewey did not invent the Dewey Decimal System. That was another guy. He was however, one of the most important thinkers in all of American history, changing the world with his far-reaching insights into philosophy, education, politics, psychology, art, and more.

Born in Burlington in 1859, Dewey is honored in his native city with an annual parade on the Saturday preceding his birthday in which a 10-foot papier-mache puppet of the philosopher is marched up-and-down Church Street. And Green Mountain College is hosting a conference devoted to Dewey on Oct. 15-17.

Joining us to talk about John Dewey and his work are Steven Fesmire, Green Mountain College philosophy professor and author of the book, "Dewey"  and Jonathan Miller-Lane, a Middlebury professor of education studies.

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And later in the hour we pay a visit to Ardelia Farm in Irasburg. In some ways, farmers Thomas McCurdy and Bailey Hale embody the movie cliche: a couple of city dwellers who move to Vermont to start a farm--hilarity ensues. But in other ways these men are breaking the mold: despite living in the Northeast Kingdom, where the growing season is notoriously short, they're building a sustainable business based on flowers (and baked goods).

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