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Awesome Etiquette: Honoring Your Healthy Eating Habits Without Offending Your Host

This week, learn how to politely say no to unhealthy food when visiting family and friends.

This week, we tackle how to honor your healthy eating habits without offending your host:

"I keep myself on a rather regimented eating plan so as to stay healthy. Managing my weight has always been difficult for me and I worked very hard to get to a weight where I am happy. My boyfriend of two years, who I will most likely marry, lives within spitting distance of his family....A typically meal for them is probably the amount of calories that I would consume in an entire day.  Problem is they are always inviting us to dinner....I can't eat badly to spare someone else's feelings, how do I navigate this situation without  offending my boyfriend or his family but still staying true to my health habits?"

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