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Vermont Garden Journal: The Larch

Nigel Chadwick
Wikimedia Commons
Larch is a large tree that can grow to more than 100 feet tall, although the eastern larch in our area grows a bit shorter. They grow well in wet soils and look best planted in groves.

The larch, also known as the tamarack, is a large deciduous tree native to Europe and North America.

The rot-resistance wood of the larch was used to built most of Venice, Italy. It is also used to make bonsai trees and is one of the last trees to change color in the fall. 

Even though the larch is a large tree that can grow to more than 100 feet tall,  you don't need acres of land to enjoy larch trees. There are dwarf and weeping versions that make for interesting specimens in the yard. Weeping larch only grows as tall as it's staked and, if not staked, can be pruned to grow like a ground cover.

Now for this week's tip: Despite the cold air last weekend some veggies have survived the season-ending cold. You can protect carrots and parsnips in the ground into winter by mulching them with a 2-3 foot thick layer of hay in early November. This will keep the ground from freezing and allow you to harvest into the new year.

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