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Awesome Etiquette: Honoring Dietary Restrictions When Sharing Holiday Treats

Sharing homemade treats can be a thoughtful way to show that you care. But how do you juggle people's dietary restrictions when you're baking at home?

When baking is a treasured part of how you celebrate the holiday season, how do you best respect loved ones' dietary restrictions?

Since I was a kid, I have used homemade baked goods as gifts. I always provide a tag identifying the ingredients aware that nuts and wheat are real problems for some people. Lately though, I'm finding that many people's diets are so restrictive, I'm not sure how to proceed? I'm worried I will offend [them] or that I'm defeating the purpose of the gift if I give someone something they can't eat.

Please help!

Sasha, Warren, Vt.

The answer:

It's absolutely delicious that you cook things for people and that's one of the ways that you show your community that you care. So keep it up! It's s really considerate that you would include a basic recipe card that would tell people what's in it, particularly if you don't know them.

I would not let concerns about other people's dietary restrictions slow down your generosity. Providing the tag that identifies ingredients, particularly for people you don't know, is a great way to show you respect people's dietary choices and are still able give them a thoughtful gift.

I would recommend including an ingredient card as really good etiquette advice for all holiday bakers who are  wondering about the best way to handle respecting dietary restrictions!

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