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Senate Committee Ready To Pass Paid Sick Leave Bill

John Dillon
In 2014, former Gov. Madeleine Kunin speaks in support of legislation that would require companies to offer workers up to 56 hours a year of paid sick time.

If you get the flu, are you able to take the day off from work? Most workplaces would prefer not have sick people on the job, but some workers can't afford to take a day off. Vermont lawmakers are debating a bill that would require businesses to offer paid sick days, and we'll look at the pros and cons.

Last year, the Vermont House passed H. 187, an act "relating to absence from work for health care and safety."

Now, the bill is in the Senate Committee on Economic Development, Housing and General Affairs, which will likely vote in favor of it on Wednesday morning. Our guests to discuss the measure are Annie Accatella, the Paid Sick Days Coalition campaign director, and Bill Driscoll, vice president of Associated Industries of Vermont, which opposes the bill.

Also in the program, how is the state budget a statement of morals? Vermont Interfaith Action, a faith-based coalition of congregations, says that how we budget as a state should is a reflection of our priorities. We look at the concept of a "moral economy" with the Reverend Debbie Ingram.

And, Caucus! The Musical. Iowans have been inundated for months with politicians vying for their support. What's a resident of Des Moines to do when it all just gets to be too much? Take solace in a show that skewers and celebrates the unique position that Iowa voters find themselves in.

Broadcast live on Wed., Jan. 27, 2016 at noon; rebroadcast at 7 p.m.

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