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Vermont Garden Journal: Growing Sweet Peppers

While green peppers taste fine, there's nothing like the flavor of a mature, sweet pepper. Italian frying peppers are an easy sweet pepper to grow in your garden.

Green peppers taste fine, but there's nothing like the sweet, rich flavor of a red yellow or orange pepper. If you haven't had much luck trying to grow sweet peppers try the Italian frying peppers.

How To Grow Italian Frying Peppers

  1. Plant the seeds in early April for transplanting around Memorial Day in a full sun location. Peppers don't like cold temperatures so there's no rush to get them in the ground. There are a few varieties to choose.
  2. To hasten their growth, lay black plastic mulch over the bed to heat the soil.
  3. Plant through the plastic.
  4. Fertilize monthly with a balanced organic product and keep well-watered.
  5. Stake the plants upright if they start to bear a lot of fruit.
  6.  Harvest when they reach their mature color and enjoy!

For this week's tip: Since March has been so warm, go ahead and pot up some violas or pansies in containers. They can take cool nights and will provide some colorful, garden cheer while you wait for the bulbs and other flowers to bloom.

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