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Cutting Edge Cancer Research Close To Home

University of Vermont
University of Vermont researchers are working with "flow cells" that can quickly sequence DNA and help design personalized treatments for cancer patients.

In the State of the Union address this year, President Obama pushed for what he called a "cancer moonshot," that would pump more funding into efforts researching treatments and cures for cancer. We're looking at some of the cutting-edge cancer research going on locally, and talking to the scientists who are carrying it out. 

We're joined by Dr. Debra Leonard, chair of the department pathology and laboratory medicine at the University of Vermont's College of Medicine. She's been working on using genomic tests to develop personalized treatments for cancer patients. Also joining us is Steven Fiering, professor of microbiology, immunology, and genetics at Dartmouth College's Geisel School of Medicine. He recently published a paper detailing his team's work using plant virus particles to trigger an immune system reaction against tumors in mice. 

Also on the program: Worcester resident Rachel Young on the Transgender Day of Visibility, her own story, and current issues for the transgender community.

Broadcast live on Tues., March 29, 2016, at noon; rebroadcast at 7 p.m.