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But Why: Intro For Adults

Jory Raphael For VPR
"But Why" is a podcast led by kids! They ask the questions and we find the answers. It's a big interesting world out there. On "But Why", we tackle topics large and small, about nature, words and even the end of the world.

My name is Jane Lindholm and I’m hosting a new podcast for kids from Vermont Public Radio.

We're calling the show But Why: A Podcast for Curious Kids. And it's designed to be something you and your kids can listen to on long rides in the car, at the dinner table, or whenever you’re in the mood for learning something new. Think of it as public radio - made especially for kids.


Kids are curious creatures. Anyone who’s spent time with a five year old knows that they have lots of questions. Some of them are easy to answer, others are a little tougher.

I wanted to give kids a space of their own to ask their funny, interesting, big and small questions and get an answer. So that’s what But Why is all about. Kids ask the questions and then I help find interesting enthusiastic people who can offer an answer.

For example, in episode two, 7-year old Charlie asks what the end of the world might feel like.

That’s a big question. And it required some sensitive answers. So we got three, including one from an astrophysicist about what scientists know about asteroids, dying stars, etc. And two from science fiction authors who specialize in writing for kids and young adults.

Not every episode is that heady. And if there’s ever anything we think will be potentially scary, our producer, Melody Bodette, and I will give you a heads up in the text that accompanies the podcast on our web page and in the little description of the episode when you download it.

We hope your kids like this podcast, and more importantly, that you and they will learn something every new episode!

And we hope you’ll participate. But Why only works if kids send us their questions. So if your child has a question and you’d like some help with an answer, send it our way!

How to submit a question:

If you have a smartphone, that’s all you need. Simply use the memo function to record the audio of your kid asking a question. Be sure to include your child’s first name, age, and where you live.

No need to use the video function. We love seeing your cute kids, but we can’t use the video portion and the audio is usually better if you get right up close to your kiddo to record. So just use the voice memo function on your smart phone to record a question.

And then email it to questions@butwhykids.org.

We hope to produce a new episode every two weeks, so be sure stay tuned to learn something new. We always love feedback. So tell us what your kids like or don’t like. And what you liked or didn’t like.

Thanks for producing curious kids. And thanks for listening to But Why!

— Jane Lindholm

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