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Vermont's Volunteer Firefighters

Toby Talbot
Volunteer firefighters serve most of Vermont's towns and villages.

Scattered across this very rural state, there are over 200 volunteer fire departments serving towns and villages. These firefighters are called on to save people, property and pets from burning buildings.

Before they can earn the opportunity to put their lives on the line, they have to sit through hours of instruction and training.

We speak with Bristol Fire Chief Brett LaRose and New Haven volunteer firefighter Jacob Giles about why people become firefighters and the challenges facing Vermont's volunteer departments.

Also on the program, our next installment of Dorothy's List. Students in Marlboro ask author Tania Unsworth about her young adult novel, "The One Safe Place."

Broadcast live on Mon., April 4, 2016, at noon; rebroadcast at 7 p.m.