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VPR Cafe: Honoring Seder Traditions

Caleb Kenna
Burlington Free Press
Rabbi David Edleson and Director of Education Sarit Katzew, makes "chocolate-covered, caramelized Matzoh crunch". Edleson leads a Passover desserts cooking class Havurah House in Middlebury, Vt.

Religious holidays play an important role in many foods traditions. We've talked about a number of them before but we have yet to discussed the Seder at Passover. Melissa Pasanen, a contributor to the Savovore Section of the Burlington Free Press spoke with a few Vermonters to learn more about how they celebrate Passover.

"Seder is a meal crafted around a religious service and it's held in the home traditionally," explains Pasanen. "It kicks off Passover [and] it is very ritualized. 'Seder' means 'order' in Hebrew and there is a particular order you go through the service with the meal sort of winding through."

Pasanen said the foods served during Seder are meant to represent the bitterness of the slavery and the sweetness of freedom.

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