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Introducing Brave Little State, A New Podcast From VPR

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Aaron Shrewsbury

Most decisions about the news you hear and read and watch every day are made by somebody else. But what if you could make some of those decisions? 

That's the idea behind Brave Little State, a new podcast from Vermont Public Radio.

It’s hosted by VPR’s Alex Keefe and Angela Evancie – but it’s driven almost entirely by you, our listeners.

We want you to help shape our stories, before they’re even assigned, and change the way journalism happens. 

We want to know what you want to know.

Specifically: What question do you have about Vermont, our region or its people that you want VPR to investigate?

It works like this: 

Ask a question!


(There's no question too serious or un-serious.)


Vote on the question you think we should tackle.


All questions asked make it to the question archive unless they don’t meet our guidelines for decorum, fairness or obvious conflicts of interest.

If your question wins the voting round, we'll invite you to be part of the journalistic process – so we can find the answers together.

And hopefully, along the way, we can get at something deeper about what it means to live in this brave little state of Vermont.

So if there’s something you always wondered about – something that you find bizarre, or unfair, or just perplexing…

Head over to bravelittlestate.org. Subscribe in iTunes, and keep an ear out for our first episode. It drops in August.

This is our brave little state. So c'mon:

Be brave. Ask questions.

Our theme music is by Ty Gibbons, and we are made possible by the VPR Journalism Fund.

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