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A Lake Health Update: Untangling The Causes Of Algae Blooms

A bloom of cyanobacteria, commonly known as blue-green algae, inundates the shore of Lake Champlain in this undated photo.
courtesy Vermont Department of Health
Summer is algae bloom season in Lake Champlain. We'll talk about lake health, what causes blooms and the state's progress on lake cleanup.

What has this summer looked like so far in terms algae blooms and the health of Lake Champlain? We're getting an update on the latest on the lake: the science of algae blooms and the state of the state's clean-up plan. 

We'll also talk about what triggers algae blooms in the first place. Phosphorus runoff is a part of the story, but the whole picture may be more complicated - with a role for temperature, sediment, and other nutrients like nitrogen. Amid this uncertainty, how can we best address the problem?

We're joined by Mike Winslow, staff scientist at the Lake Champlain Committee.

Listen back to our earlier segment on the possible health effects of blue-green algae.

You can also check out the Health Department's interactive algae tracker map.

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Broadcast live on Tuesday, August 16, 2016, at noon; rebroadcast at 7 p.m.