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Awesome Etiquette: Does A Host Always Have To Serve A Meal?

If you're hosting someone, are you responsible for making a meal as well? This week on "Awesome Etiquette" we talk about navigating meals while hosting guests.

A close friend is having some work done on his home and needs to vacate for a day or two while the work is being finished. You've extended the invitation for him to stay at your home, and are happy to offer, but are left wondering if you are responsible for dinner.

If you're wondering what your responsibilities are as a host when it comes to serving meals, ask your guest, "Will you be joining us for dinner?" You can even try a more casual, "How do you want to handle meals while you're here?"

Make it known to your guest that you are open to the possibility of him joining you as you dine, contributing to the groceries or even dining solo if he works and eats at different times than your own household. If everyone tries to take of the other person, everyone gets taken care of.

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