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Vermont Garden Journal: Three Useful Gifts For The Gardener On Your List

Courtesy, Herb Land
How about a glass herb-keeper for the garderner on your list this holiday season?

Usually when recommending gifts for gardeners, I suggest tools, gloves or seeds but any good edible gardener knows that you need the right equipment to process what you grow.

Think about food-related garden gifts like tomato strainers, herb-keepers and cherry pitters.

  1. Strainers can process not only tomatoes, but other fruits and veggies into seed-free sauce perfect for cooking, canning and freezing.
  2. A glass herb-keeper to keep herbs fresh and give your favorite gardener a mechanical cherry-pitter to save lots of time pitting the fruits by hand.
  3. Make-Your-Own Kits for crafting everything from mustards, pickles, fermented vegetables, to hot sauces. Plus, they make for a fun project to do with loved ones over the holidays.

And now for this week's tip: Keep garlic bulbs covered under an upside down clay pot in the kitchen to prevent them from drying out.

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