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Awesome Etiquette: When Someone Else Is Footing The Bill, What's Appropriate To Order?

Courtesy, Bridgetown Millhouse
When your boss is paying for lunch, are there certain things you shouldn't order?

You're the new kid on the block at your office and you're invited to the annual luncheon when your boss treats the staff to lunch. Here are a couple of helpful tips when deciding what to order. When in doubt, do what your co-workers do, especially if they have attended this luncheon before. Are they ordering an app and an entree? Are they going for the prime rib? Then it should be okay for you to do the same. Follow their lead and you should be in good shape.

And if you're still unsure, just peruse the entire menu and then go for a mid-priced item. Stick to familiar territory with something you know you'll enjoy and revel in a lunch out with colleagues while the boss treats.

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