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Hacks Put A Spotlight On Cybersecurity

We're talking with local experts about hacking and cybersecurity.

News of hacks are filling the headlines: from election-shaking political intrusions to huge breaches at companies like Yahoo. It means that many people are paying new attention to questions about cybersecurity. 

We're talking about keeping information safe, and how institutions and infrastructure are protected against cyber attack.

Joining us are George Silowash, chief information security officer for Norwich University, and Sergey Bratus, a computer science professor at Dartmouth College.

We'll also hear from Dan Nelson of VELCO about how the power grid is protected.

Also on the program: Elizabeth Hewitt of VTDigger joins us to discuss a new study assessing the state of Vermont Health Connect and its future viability.

Broadcast live on Friday, Dec. 23, 2016 at noon; rebroadcast at 7 p.m.