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What Greenland's Past And Present Tell Us About The Earth's Future

Joshua Brown
UVM researchers have been studying ocean sediment to understand what happened millions of years ago to Greenland's ice sheet.

That map that was hung at the front of your grade school classroom included one large land mass close to Canada and the United States that went virtually ignored. There it was to the north and the east and covered with ice. Yes, Greenland.

But a team of UVM researchers think that Greenland's ice sheet can tell us a lot about the effects of climate change that shouldn't be ignored.

Paul Bierman, a professor of geology at UVM, and Lee Corbett, a post-doctoral researcher at UVM and Boston College, discuss what their research tells them about how long the ice sheet has been covering Greenland and what we can discern from their findings.

Also on the program, one Vermont district has elected two young first-time lawmakers as their representatives to the House. We speak with Independent Ben Jickling and Democrat Jay Hooper about what they hope to accomplish in their inaugural terms in Montpelier.

Plus, from VPR's Live From the Fort series, we hear the music of The Welterweights.

Broadcast live on Tuesday, January 10, 2017 at noon; rebroadcast at 7 p.m.