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Vermont Garden Journal: What Type Of Tomato Tastes The Best?

The best-tasting variety of tomato? That's a highly personal question!

If you want to get into a tangle with a veggie gardener, then discuss what you think is the best-tasting tomato.

Everyone has a favorite! For me — it's the cherry tomato. You'll find they are productive, adapt to growing in gardens or containers, are colorful and tasty.

For many, the discussion of the best cherry tomato begins and ends with "Sungold." This classic yellow and orange skinned fruit has a sweet, almost tropical fruit flavor.

There is also "Super Sweet 100," and "Matt's Wild Cherry," "Bumblebee," "Gold Nugget" and many more.

The fun comes from growing different varieties and finding your favorites on your own!

And now for this week's tip: It's time for the Vermont Flower Show. The show runs through Sunday, March 5. This biennial event at the Champlain Valley Exposition in Essex features a touch of spring after a cold, snowy winter. This year's theme is "Neverland" and the 10,000-square-foot Grand Garden display will wow you with hundreds of flowers, shrubs and trees in bloom.

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