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Send Us Your Pictures Of Old, Falling-Down Vermont Barns

Angela Evancie
An old barn in Windsor catches some late afternoon light. Share your own photos of aging Vermont barns with Brave Little State: share@vpr.net.

For our next episode, Brave Little State is taking on a question about falling-down Vermont barns. And we want your pictures!

Our question comes from Janette Shaffer, of Middlesex: "Why are so many Vermont barns left to fall down on their own, rather than torn down?"

It's an excellent question, and we're setting out to talk to barn-owners, barn-restorers, barn-dismantlers and others who control the destiny of some of Vermont's most beloved architecture.

And while we're at it, we want to collect as many photos as possible of these structures and their various states of (dis)repair. 

Send us a photo of a barn you own, or drive by, or have an otherwise special relationship with: share@vpr.net.

We may feature it with our reporting. Thanks for sharing!

If you want follow along while we report this episode, check out our new open notebook, Dispatches From Brave Little State.

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