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VPR Cafe: The Vermont Dumpster Diving Scene

Matthew Thorsen
Seven Days
UVM senior, Rose Thackeray, finds an assortment of produce while "dumpster diving" to create a meal for fellow students.

Maybe you prefer stocking your pantry with food from the grocery store, farmers' market or your own garden. But, truth is, there's a lot of perfectly edible food available... in dumpsters!

Seven Days food writer, Sally Pollak, shares some of her recent dumpster diving experience along with tales from others who are skilled in the art in this episode of The VPR Cafe. She also discusses if it's legal, healthy and safe, and the kinds of food commonly found in waste containers.

Read Pollack's full story about dumpster diving in the Seven Days article, "Dumpster Divers Go Gourmet - With Garbage."

The VPR Cafe is made possible with support from Kiss The Cook in Burlington and Middlebury. For those who love cooking!

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