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Significant Songs: What Music Held Meaning For You In 2017?

Retro cassette tapes piled in front of a patterned wallpaper.
What song spoke to you in 2017? Tell "Vermont Edition" for the annual music show.

It's almost time to take down that 2017 calendar, but before Vermont Edition takes a break ahead of the new year, it's time for the annual music show.

We had such amazing submissions last year, so we again want to know: what song tells a story about the past year for you? It doesn't need to be a new song from 2017, but rather any song that happened to speak to you in the last twelve months.

Did you get married this year and dance the night away to a tune you'll always remember? Did you psych yourself up for a career change with a special soundtrack? Maybe you dealt with personal struggles this year, but found comfort from a certain song.

Whatever music holds personal significance coming out of this year, share in the comments below or call-in live!

Because of music rights issues we can't podcast the full show, but we did make you playlists of (most*) the suggestions we heard!

On a desktop? You'll need a Spotify account to listen to the full playlist.

On a mobile phone? You'll need to download the Spotify app to listen to the full playlist.

The Spotify app and an account are free. Some songs in these playlists are marked "explicit." Please be adviced.

Audience Suggestions

Credit Suraski / iStock

Open in Spotify

VPR Staff Picks
Credit Kukuku / iStock

Never to be out done, when it came time for the annual music show, the VPR staff wanted in as well! Here's what our VPR crew sent in:

Open in Spotify.

*not all the songs suggested were available on Spotify, so please forgive us if your suggestion didn't make it into the playlist!

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