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The Complicated History Of Hydro-Québec

Daniel-Johnson Dam
Hydro-Québec is the fourth largest hydroelectric company on Earth. New Hampshire Public Radio's 'Outside/In' digs into the fraught history of the utility in a four-part series called 'Powerline.'"

From our friends at the podcast Outside/In, the story of how a massive, state-owned utility company came to be a symbol of the French-Canadian people.

It’s also the story of how a company, with all of the force of a colonial culture behind it, used its power to try to push Québec’s original occupants — its indigenous people — to one side. It’s the story of how that effort led to something that has become its own kind of revolution in Canada: native people pushing to regain power over their own lives and culture.

This month on Brave Little State, we're featuring the first of Outside/In's four-part series, "Powerline." Find the complete series here.

This episode of Outside/In was produced by Sam Evans-Brown and Hannah McCarthy, with help from Taylor Quimby, Jimmy Gutierrez, Ben Henry, Nick Capodice, Lauren Chooljian and Maureen McMurray.

Outside/In is a production of New Hampshire Public Radio. Their theme music is by Breakmaster Cylinder. Other music in the episode was by Podington Bear, Blue Dot Sessions and Komiku.

Brave Little State is made possible by the VPR Innovation Fund. Our theme music is by Ty Gibbons





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