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Serving Dinner Theater Along With Food And Drink At Local Club This April

Photo/artwork, Sarah Crowley

If you feel the same as local theater performer Erin Evarts does, then you think there is a space in the local arts landscape for dinner theater.

Using the momentum created by a previous cabaret-style dinner and show in December at ArtsRiot on Pine Street in Burlington, Evarts has gathered a new cast of theater actors for Ladies Who Laugh: A Night Of Comic Cabaret.

"It is a little, niche market and we found it," Evarts said when she recently spoke to VPR about the new projects set to hit ArtsRiot's stage in April.

Serving as artistic director, Evarts teamed up with music director Ashley O'Brien and the duo hand-picked the troupe of local comedic actor/singers, including Kim Anderson, Sabrina Leal, Hannah Marshall and Sarah Wright.

"Honestly," she said, "I couldn't tell you if they are funnier or better singers because they are all just so talented."

With the April show, Evarts said, "We are kind of exploring all the different ways women can be funny on the stage."

And the venue and vibe make musical theater "really accessible and fun," Evarts said.

Song selection ranges from popular Broadway shows and movies and then turns them into, "... something really fun and current and telling a story without a show, which means you tell an entire story in two-and-a-half or three minutes ... a great thing for an actor to explore."

Audience members can purchase a whole booth for seating and dining and drinks with friends or choose individual seating.

"Ladies Who Laugh: A Night Of Comic Cabaret," graces ArtsRiots' stage in April. Find out more about this project and its origins by listening to this podcast.

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