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Young Writers Project: 'Dear Stephen Hawking'

YWP Photo Library, photo by Hanna Gustafson, South Burlington, Vermont

Dear Mr. Hawking,
I'm sorry I didn't do this on Wednesday.
You died on Wednesday.
Albert Einstein’s birthday, to be precise.

When the news told us that you were dead,
I stared at the screen in shock.

How can you not be on this Earth anymore,
when in the span of my short life
you always have been?

You were a famous scientist,
teaching us that the laws of physics
were beyond what we really imagined –
and that black holes really weren't all that "black."

You thought that there were multiple worlds
beyond what we could see.

You were a hero,
because even though you were diagnosed
with A.L.S. and confined to a wheelchair,
you did not let these things stop you.

You were a miracle,
because you survived A.L.S. decades longer
than the doctors told you that you would.

You were a miracle,
because your voice resonated around the world
even though you could not speak.
You were a miracle,
because even through all that you suffered,
you did not give up.

Thank you Stephen Hawking,
for teaching us that no matter what happens,
we can do it.

And maybe this generation will wash away,
and we will forget many people…
but I do not think we could ever forget you,
dear Mr. Hawking.
You were a scientist, a hero and a miracle,
all at the same time.

The Young Writers Project provides VPR's audience another avenue to hear and read selections from Vermont's young writers. The thoughts and ideas expressed here are the writers' own and do not necessarily reflect those of Vermont Public Radio. The collaboration is organized by Susan Reid of Young Writers Project and Vermont Public Radio.

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