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Why Do People Like Different Types Of Music?

Many different musical instruments
Katsiaryna Pleshakova
People like different music for many different reasons, including their upbringing and culture, what mood they're in, and what the music reminds them of.

In this episode of But Why, we hear music from Music for Sprouts' Mr. Chris, Drummer Seny Daffe, and cellist Emily Taubl and answer questions about strings, percussion, and the magic of music itself. Get ready to dance.


"Why do different people like different music?" - Lily, 8 Jamestown, NY

There isn't a concrete scientific reason why some people are drawn to Reggaeton while others prefer Country. It depends on a lot of things: the types of music you've grown up with, what kind of mood you're in, how you were introduced to the music. Sometimes you like a song for a while but listen to it so many times you get sick of it! And sometimes a song or a piece of music becomes attached to a good or bad memory for you, and that can influence how you feel about the song when you hear it even years later.

But no matter what kind of music you like, most people would agree that music can really move you! Sometimes it makes you feel like moving physically--wiggling, spinning, shaking and shimmying. And sometimes it moves you emotionally--makes you feel happiness or sadness or brings back a strong memory.

In this episode of the show, we've paired some of our favorite music segments to bring you a cellist, a djembe drummer, and a songwriter. There's something for everyone in this episode with a beat!

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This episode features a coloring page by Vermont artist Hilary Ann Love Glass. Download and print it here. You can color while you listen!

About the coloring page artist: Hilary Glass is an illustrator, printmaker and tattoo artist living in Vermont. Her content often explores flora and fauna from her local woodlands as well as imaginary creatures from other worlds entirely.  She uses pen and ink, colored pencils, watercolor and gauche as her primary illustration tools and loves to depict most things with great detail and attention to posture and body language.  You can find more info on Instagram @hilaryannloveart and at the website hilaryannloveglass.com

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