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Mal Maíz Performs "Live From The Fort"

Mal Maiz perofmring at the VPR Studios.
Herb Swanson
Mal MaÏz perform on Live From the Fort, January 17th 2019"

Costa Rican "gypsy devil" Maiz Vargas Sandoval and his Afro-Cumbia Orchestra, Mal Maíz,  lit up VPR's Stetson Studio One in January. There dynamic set kicked off Live From The Fort's New Voices Project, a collaboration between VPR and The Flynn Center's New Voices Series. The project will showcase world musical traditions nestled in and around the Queen City.

Mal Maíz is:
Colin Henkel - Drums
Graham Lambert - Guitar
Stuart Paton - Congas
Mike Hartigan - Piano
Jacob Deva Racusin - Percussion & Backing Vocals
John Thompson Figueroa - Bass & Backing Vocals
Maïz Vargas Sandoval - Lead Vocals & Percussion

The Set:
- Clandestino
- Fantasma
- Country
- Fonerd
- Garabato
- Gaia Llama
- Richo De Agua
- Barrio
- Pizuica
- Hüru Hurü

All songs written by Mal Maíz.