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VPR Cafe: Multi-Generational Home Becomes Event Space In Waterbury

A courtyard dinner being prepared at 18 Elm in Waterbury.
18 Elm and Georgia Ayers, courtesy
via Seven Days
A courtyard dinner being prepared at 18 Elm in Waterbury.

Last year, Sally Pollak - a food writer for Seven Days - enjoyed a gourmet, multi-course dinner in a dumpster at a location known as 18 Elm in Waterbury. The purpose of the event was to make a connection between food insecurity and food waste. Pollak shared that story in October 2018 and joins us again to explain what exactly 18 Elm is, and a bit about the family that occupies and operates it.  

18 Elm Street is both an address and a quasi-restaurant, and run by the Ayers family (now living in the home for six generations). In this podcast, hear the history of its location, the floods it has endured, and how it's now being used for social gatherings and food events.

You can also listen back to our dumpster dinner episode with Pollak, and look for her article on 18 Elm in an upcoming Seven Days insert in June called BTV.  

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