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Kids And Dieting: Empowering Kids To Make Good Choices Around Food

A boy places a grapefruit into a shopping car full of healthy fruits and vegetables.
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"Vermont Edition" talks about kids, weight and healthy eating habits with a nutritionist who says calorie counting can be counterproductive for kids.

A new dieting app targets kids and teens to help them track their food and lose weight. But is using technology a good way to help young people eat well and be healthy, or can diets and apps be counterproductive for kids and achieving a healthy weight? We're talking with nutritionists about the role of food, family, technology and habits when it comes to kids, weight loss and healthy eating. 

Farryl Bertmann, a registered dietician and nutritionist and a lecturer at UVM's Nutrition and Food Sciences Department, joins Vermont Edition to discuss diet culture in the United States, cultivating healthy relationships and attitudes toward food, and the role of family meals, technology like dieting apps and other tools to cultivate healthy eating habits in kids.

And Dr. Erica Gibson, a pediatric primary care physician and adolescent medicine specialist at UVM Children’s Hospital, discusses how a focus on dieting and weight loss can be among the triggers for eating disorders.

Broadcast live on Tuesday, Sept. 17, 2019 at noon; rebroadcast at 7 p.m.

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