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Whomp Whomp: 'Vermont Edition' Revisits Some Of The State's Biggest Failed Ideas

An artist rendition of a dome over a city.
John Anderson, Courtesy
This artist's rendering shows what life would have been like if Winooski had built the dome proposed to cover the city's downtown (complete with monorail).

They seemed so brilliant at the time. Or maybe they didn't. Vermonters have hatched quite a few wild schemes that somehow never got past the idea stage. So we listen back to Vermont Edition's failed ideas show. Six years after originally airing, these planned projects are still fun to think about.

Tom Slayton, editor emeritus of the now-defunct Vermont Life, and author and journalist Mark Bushnell joined us to look at these ideas that didn't make it off the drawing board.

We'll hear about the proposed dome over Winooski, a Revolutionary War-era road from Vermont to Montreal that ... you guessed it ... failed to get created, the Vermont silkworm industry you never, ever heard of, and so much more.

We then learn about entrepreneurs who tried to sell Vermont sticks, some who are still peddling our fall leaves ,and one historian who, by dint of will, got the biography of John William McCormack published after a number of attempts.

Broadcast on Monday, Sept. 23 2019 at noon; rebroadcast at 7 p.m.

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