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Supervision: Life After Prison, Parts I & II

NHPR's "Supervision": Life After Prison
Sara Plourde
"Vermont Edition" airs the first two parts of "Supervision," a podcast from New Hampshire Public Radio about one parolee's struggles during his first few months out of prison.

In Vermont and across the country, roughly half of the inmates who get out of prison end up back behind bars within three years. And often it's for violating conditions of their parole. Earlier this year, New Hampshire Public Radio released a podcast called Supervision. The four-part podcast tries to understand the difficulties of life after prison by following a single parolee on his first few months out.

Today, we'll hear the first two parts of Supervision on Vermont Edition; tomorrow, the final two.

Supervision was reported by investigative reporter Emily Corwin, who looks at parole in New Hampshire and the challenges parolees face, from accessing resources like housing, transportation and mental health services, to finding a job and integrating back into life outside of prison.

Corwin first began reporting on Josh Lavenets in Supervision while working as an investigative reporter for New Hampshire Public Radio. 

Listen to the complete podcast from New Hampshire Public Radio.

Broadcast Wednesday, Oct. 2, 2019 at noon; rebroadcast at 7 p.m.

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