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Outdoor Radio: Hunting The Ferocius Vermont Tiger Beetle

If you've been in the woods or in the garden and spotted a quick flash of metallic emerald that was there one second and gone the next, then you have probably encountered a tiger beetle. These insects earn their name. They are fast, fierce predators, even as larva. There are 16 species of tiger beetles that have been spotted in Vermont. Out of those 16, almost half are considered to be of conservation concern.

In this episode of Outdoor Radio, Kent McFarland and Sara Zahendra join Mark Ferguson of the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department on the banks of the Winooski river searching the sand for tiger beetles and their larva holes.

Discover the life-cycle of these remarkable insects and why they love and need the sunshine. Learn how the larva hunt from beneath the sand and how the adults can move faster than their own eyes can see. As Kent says, "This is so much better than sci-fi. You can't make this stuff up!"

Visit these links to learn more:

  • See all the reports of tiger beetles from observer's like you at the Vermont Atlas of Life on iNaturalist and add your discoveries too!
  • Learn more from the Vermont Tiger Beetle Atlas at the Vermont Atlas of Life.

Outdoor Radio is produced in collaboration with the Vermont Center For Ecostudies.

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