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How Composting Fits In To Vermont's Recycling Conversation

A woman uses a pitchfork to move compost in a backyard garden.
Chris Price
Nearly a quarter of Vermont's trash is compostable organics. By July 2020 Vermont will ban food scraps from the trash.

Brave Little State just told us all about where Vermont's recyclables go, and how many of the plastic, metal and paper items get re-used once recycled. But what about the 60,000 tons of compostable organics that make up roughly 24 percent of Vermont's trash?

Josh Kelley oversees the implementation of Vermont's Universal Recycling law for the Department of Environmental Conservation. He joins Vermont Edition to discuss how composting and an upcoming July 2020 ban of food scraps from the trash fit into the broader goals of Vermont's waste stream.

Broadcast live on Tuesday, Oct. 8, 2019 at noon; rebroadcast at 7 p.m.

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