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Reporter Debrief: Perception Of Vermont's Dairy Industry, And Farmers Who Live It

Cows outside
John Dillon
VPR reporter John Dillon joined 'Vermont Edition' to talk about his recent reporting on the state's dairy industry.

One takeaway from the Rural Life Survey conducted by VPR and Vermont PBS is how closely tied the dairy industry is to the state's self-image. Dairy is a cultural touchstone, but it's also an industry in decline.

VPR's John Dillon joined Vermont Edition to discuss the recent survey findings and his reporting on the dairy industry.

Read/listen to John's latest story: Surveyed Vermonters See Dairy As Key To State's Identity, But Farmers Say It's A Struggle [Oct. 22]

John has also been working with a team at Vermont PBS to produce a short video series on the future of farming. Thet visited with two farm families to hear firsthand the challenges and opportunities for dairy in Vermont. That series begins on Vermont PBS on Nov. 18.

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