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The Roses And The Rhodis

Ice-covered rhododendrons.
Jan Herodes
November's ice and snow may have caught gardeners off guard this year, but never fear! Roses and rhododendrons can still be protected.

Each week, gardening expert Charlie Nardozzi shares his knowledge about all things gardening. Today, Charlie talks about how many local gardeners — including himself — may have been caught off guard by the early cold temperatures and snow that blanketed the region recently.

How to protect roses and rhododendrons for winter?

It's not too late to protect roses and rhododendrons, even with this year's early winter weather.

For the roses, make sure you know which kind of roses you have, as some adapt just fine to our colder weather and need no further protection. Roses like hybrid tea and others do need to be buried in about a foot of bark mulch.

For the rhodis, which are in the evergreen family and continue to breath and transpire throughout the winter, just put four stakes into the ground and wrap burlap around them to protect them from cold winds.

A thin grey line.

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