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St. Albans Author Explores Northern Vermont's Role In The War Of 1812

An image of author Jason Barney and the cover of his new book, "Northern Vermont In The War Of 1812."
Arcadia Publishing, courtesy
Author photo, courtesy
St. Albans author Jason Barney, who has deep family roots in Swanton, researched the role of his hometown and other Northern Vermont communities for his new book, "Northern Vermont In The War Of 1812."

Barely a generation removed from the Revolutionary War, the United States again found itself fighting Great Britain in the War of 1812. Vermont Edition talks about a new book by St. Albans author Jason Barney that explores the role small Vermont towns near the Canadian border played in the larger conflict.

Barney, a local historian and history teacher at Missisquoi Valley Union High School, explores this lesser-known history in his new book Northern Vermont In the War of 1812.

He grew up in Highgate, with family roots in Swanton. The author has even traced his Barney ancestors to their military service in the war.

Barney joins Vermont Edition to explain how the War of 1812 began, the reaction among Northern Vermont communities to a war which abruptly ended trade across the Canadian border, the death and disease that plagued Vermonters at the outset of the war, and how Vermonters addressed questions of patriotism as they saw (and often participated in) illegal cross-border smuggling during the war.

Broadcast live on Wednesday, Nov. 27, 2019 at noon; rebroadcast at 7 p.m.

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