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Diversity In Public Art

Elodie Reed
A phone bank in the Vermont Statehouse.

A commonality runs through the portraiture that adorns the Vermont Statehouse: old white men. And that lack of diversity has come under scrutiny lately. But is it appropriate to diversify the artwork if the history of state power is not, itself, very diverse? This hour: art in our public spaces, and what can or should be done to make public art more reflective of the whole Vermont story.

Our guests are:

  • Sen. Ruth Hardy (D), Represents the Addison County District
  • David Schutz, Vermont State Curator
  • Karen Mittelman, Executive Director of the Vermont Arts Council
  • Will Kasso Condry, Arti, educator, curator, and community organizer based in Brandon, Vermont

Broadcast live at noon on February, 27, 2020; rebroadcast at 7:00 p.m.

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