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Home Schooling In The Age Of Coronavirus: Share Your Questions & Wisdom

A woman watches a child play on a snowbank outside a house.
Elodie Reed
Shannon Forsyth watches her youngest child, Simon, during some outdoor time in a homeschooling day on Tuesday, Feb. 11. We originally interviewed Shannon and Simon for Brave Little State, and are adjusting course for coronavirus coverage.

As Vermont schools prepare to shut down to slow the spread of coronavirus, Brave Little State is working on an episode about best practices for at-home learning. We want to hear your questions  — and your wisdom.

We're looking to facilitate a recorded conversation between a veteran home-schooling parent or caregiver, and someone who will now be managing their child or children's at-home education for the first time.

We're also collecting listener questions on the topic, in case a one-on-one conversation doesn't pan out.

Please be in touch, and share your questions, by Tuesday, March 17 at 1 p.m. And look out for our episode this Friday, March 20. Thank you for shaping our coverage.

For parents whose kids' schools are closing

We are looking for a parent who may be interested in having a phone conversation (not live!) with an experienced home-schooling parent. What questions do you have about navigating this extraordinary new chapter in your child's education? What tips and tricks would you like to hear from a parent who's been home schooling their child or children for years?

If you're interested, please be in touch with us at share@vpr.net. Tell us a bit about yourself and when you'd be available on Wednesday, March 18 to record a phone call.

For veteran home-schooling parents

Who among you would like to share your wisdom with your fellow Vermonters? What lessons have you learned over the years about keeping your kids engaged while learning at home?

We're looking for a rockstar Vermont home schooler who can participate in our podcast episode by phone (not live!) and share some guidance with listeners. You may be speaking directly with a Vermont parent now preparing to facilitate at-home learning for the first time; you may be answering pre-recorded listener questions; you may do both. We want to make this episode as efficient and useful as possible.

If you're interested in coming on the show, please be in touch with us at share@vpr.net. Tell us a bit about yourself and when you'd be available on Wednesday, March 18 to record a phone call.

Not up for the full conversation?

We still want to collect your questions, in case we're able to answer them in the episode (or a later point in VPR's coverage). Here's how you can contribute:

  • Submit a question by calling our Brave Little State hotline at 802-552-4880.
  • Use the voice memo app on your smartphone to record yourself, and email us your recording at share@vpr.net. 

Tell us your name, town/city, the best way to reach you, and ask your question in the form of a question. (You can find more instructions here.)

You can also use this form -- but we'd love to have a recording of your voice if possible!


Thanks, everyone, for helping us create this resource on the fly.

Brave Little State is VPR's people-powered journalism project. Learn more about the show here.

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