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'Our Show': Audio Postcards From Self-Isolating People Around The World

A person laying on a bed and looking into the camera.
Rumblestrip, Courtesy
Katz in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, who appears in the sixth episode of Erica Heilman's "Our Show."

Erica Heilman is the host and producer of the podcast Rumble Strip, and usually, she invites herself into people's homes and lives to record them talking about the things they love, hate and fear.

Now, however, with all of us stuck in our own homes because of COVID-19, Heilman has asked people to record themselves, and to describe their experiences living in self-isolation.

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Heilman received recordings from all over the world, and from this she created a series titled Our Show. She describes it as being "about all of us during this pandemic ... from wherever you are in the world, in whatever isolated circumstance."

In one episode, we hear from a father who is homeschooling his kids in Olympia, Washington, and from two roommates in New York City who beat boredom by talking walks. To keep things interesting, they stop and flip a coin when they reach each street corner.

"If it's heads, we go right. If it's tails, we turn left." — Bianca, who is self-isolating with her roommate Matt, in Brooklyn, New York

Beginning Wednesday, April 22 and continuing through the next week, you can hear the Our Show each weekday morning during Morning Edition at 5:44 a.m., and on Saturday and Sunday during Weekend Edition at 9:20 a.m.

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