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Outdoor Radio: "Backyard Biodiversity"

In these times of social distancing, when people can feel disconnected from one another, it's important to realize that nature is just outside your door. From bird songs to green frogs' croaking chatter, stay connected to the outdoors by exploring your own "backyard biodiversity."

In this episode of Outdoor Radio, hosts Kent McFarland and Sara Zahendra are in the backyard of the Vermont Center of Ecostudies exploring the plants, birds and insects just outside the building. Listen as they demostrate an exciting new tool for your smart phone; an app called Seek by iNaturalist. Find out how the app works and get inspired to explore your own backyard.

You can use the Seek app or the iNaturalist app to add your observations to the Vermont Atlas of Life on iNaturalist.

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Outdoor Radio is produced in collaboration with the Vermont Center For Ecostudies.

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