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When Vermont Towns Should Expect Ballots In The Mail

An envelope with the word vote along the edge and a stamp reading official election mail
Vermont Secretary of State, Courtesy
The Secretary of State's website allows you to check when your general election ballot will get to your residence.

The general election is just over a month away, and some Vermonters are starting to get their ballots in the mail, while others haven't received anything. We'll check in with the Secretary of State's office about who will receive ballots when, and how this process is working. 

Our guest is:

  • Chris Winters, Deputy Secretary of State for Vermont

Winters told Vermont Edition that mail-in ballots are making their way to Vermont voters this week, but the process is taking longer for some towns. 

The ballots are being printed, bundled and mailed in batches for several towns at once.

For efficiency, Winters said ballots for towns of various sizes and locations are being printed in a single batch, so there's not necessarily any order with which they are printed and mailed.

The speed with which they arrive in the mail also depends on the U.S. Postal Service.

In all, more than 270 different ballots are being printed to reflect the various voting districts' local needs.

As of Wednesday, Winters said three batches of more than 300,000 ballots have gone out so far.

“That’s over two-thirds of the total numbers of ballots that we’ll be sending out and are mailing to all active and registered voters," Winters explained.

"From Berlin to Bennington and beyond, the list goes on, as of yesterday, there’s about 141 voting districts that have been mailed, that have been placed in the mail stream.”

Those voting districts represent about 134 Vermont cities and towns, as many have multiple voting districts.

Winters says all 440,00 Vermont ballots for the Nov. 3 election will be in the mail by the end of the week.

Registered voters who have not received a mail-in ballot by Oct. 7 should contact their town clerk, Winters added.

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