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Safe & Sound: Vermont Artists Share Other Vermont Artists They Want You To Hear

Anna Ste. Marie, VPR
This week on 'Safe & Sound,' it's more music from Vermont and we ask Vermont artists to choose their fave local act or band!

This episode of Safe & Sound: A Celebration Of Vermont Music celebrates host Mary Engisch's birthday by unwrapping Vermont-made songs suggested by Vermont artists! We asked folks on the Vermont music scene to recommend their favorite local singers and bands and they delivered!


Lewis & The Missing Cats - Swing 42 

Henry Jamison - Still Life

Sabrina Comellas - What The World Looks Like (Ali-T's pick)

Kat Wright - Come Dance 

Blackmer - Strange Entertainers 

Dwight & Nicole -  Wait (Peg Tassey's pick)

Check out Dwight & Nicole's 2016 'Live From The Fort' performance here.

Cricket Blue - Eleanor

Andrew James - Vessel (Troy Millette's pick)

Sam Amidon - Sugar Baby (Glorious Leader's pick)

Hammydown - Automatic Sweetheart 

Wolfhand - The Devil Arrives (Sarah King from Sarah King & The Guilty Henchmen's pick)

Danny Whitney - Into the Light (Deejay Craig Mitchell's pick)

Sabor 2.0 - Ten Cuidao (Maiz Vargas of Mal Maiz's pick)

Chazzy Lake - Here I Am (Diane Jean from Clever Girls and Tim Cece at The Essex Experience's pick)

For more the band, listen to this 2017 'Conversation On The Arts' with Diane Jean of Clever Girls here.

Nina’s Brew - Mixtape (Mary Engisch's pick)

Safe & Sound on VPR has support from Patrick's World's Finest Granola.

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