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Safe & Sound: Two-Song Sets From Vermont Artists

A speaker cone with the words, "Safe and Sound: A Celebration of Local Music," over it.
Anna Ste. Marie, VPR
This Saturday, join VPR for sets from Vermont musicians. We'll play songs from different albums in their catalogs.

Safe & Sound is VPR's celebration of Vermont music. The episode, we’ll listen in to back-to-back tracks from Vermont artists at various stages in their musical lives.


Patti Casey: Highway Miles and Another Lucky Day

Gordon Stone with Breakaway: Monkey Wrench

Myra Flynn: Bones and Shut Up And Kiss Me  

Anais Mitchell: 1984 and Woyaya  

Chad Hollister: Sensitive PT Guy and Mama Knows

Amanda Gustafson with Wide Wail and Swale: Voodoo Camaro and https://vimeo.com/277313855">Elevator 

Kelly Ravin with Waylon Speed and Jaded Ravins: Smoke and Motorcycle Shop

Gregory Douglass: No Talk and Natural Light  

Francesca Blanchard: Empty House and Ex-Girlfriend 

Troy Millette: Enter Sandman and I Miss You

A2VT: Winooski My Town and Wave Your Flag  

Ben Patton - If You Know Anybody