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Safe & Sound, Ep. 19: Families Who Play Together, Part Two

A speaker cone with the words, "Safe and Sound: A Celebration of Local Music," over it.
Anna Ste. Marie, VPR
Safe & Sound celebrates Vermont music!

Safe & Sound is VPR's celebration of Vermont music and this episode finds more familial ties within the state's music scene. From neo-classical to swing to indie rock, we'll explore music from bands with members who are related!


Dwight & Nicole - Electric Light

Sweet Remains - Crumble 

Eben Ritchie - City Talk 

KeruBo - Summertime 

Big Hat, No Cattle - Sweet Loretta Lee

ES-K, The Deli, Jansport J  - Lavapi’es 

Abby Sherman Band - The Road 

Glorious Leader - Kyla 

Lewis Franco & The Missing Cats - Hep Cat’s Holiday 

Madaila - The Best Thing 

Tim Brick - Country Style

Lane GIbson, Jr. and Lane Gibson, Sr. - The Way of the Water 

The Cush - New Kind of Blue

Jeremiah & Annemieke McLane - Sonata, Four Hands by Poulenc 

Smittens - My Favorite Dream

Rough Francis - Waxed Curb

Swale - Photograph 

Luminous Crush - Walking on A Wire

Safe & Sound has support from Patrick's World's Finest Granola.

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