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Music That Moved Us: Requesting Your Top Songs Of 2020

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What song defined 2020 for you? Call in Wednesday, Dec. 23. between noon and 2 p.m. ET.

It's the most wonderful time of the year ... for Vermont Edition's annual music show, that is! Join us at noon on Wednesday, Dec. 23, for two hours of song, story and reflection.We want to know: What music was most meaningful to you in 2020? What songs captured moments of levity or kept you going during the hardest parts of the pandemic? What songs spurred your creativity in isolation, had you dancing in your socks or singing in your car? Were their albums that brought you home, or closer -- even if in spirit -- to loved ones?

Tell us what moved you and why!

Because of music rights issues, we won't be able to podcast the show, so be sure to listen live!

Psst: We will make a playlist! So tell your friends, and check back here after the show.

Here's a list of music from local artists, from VPR staff and listeners:

For more great local music picks from Vermont artists themselves, head here.

We made a Spotify playlist of the picks from listeners* that we heard during the live broadcast:

And here is a Spotify playlist of picks* from VPR staff:

Looking for VPR's Bob Kinzel's top songs from 2020? Here is one of his Spotify playlists:

And here's another:

*Note that Spotify has some of these songs labeled as "explicit."

Broadcast live on Wed., Dec. 22, 2019 at noon; rebroadcast at 7 p.m.

Have questions, comments or tips? Send us a message or tweet us @vermontedition.

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