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If You're Worried About Climate Change, Where Should You Live?

A car is submerged in flooded waters with people looking on in the background
Toby Talbot
Associated Press File
Flooding in Williamstown, Vermont in 2013. As the climate continues to change, the Outside/In podcast explores where people might want to live.

A listener question with some local implications. We pass the mic to our friends at New Hampshire Public Radio's show Outside/In

Vermont Public Radio's people-powered journalism project Brave Little State is featuring the Outside/In episode "Climate Migration." Find more about the show and a full transcript here.

A thin grey line.

This episode of Outside/In was produced by Justine Paradis, Annie Ropeik, Taylor Quimby, and Sam Evans-Brown, with support from Cori Princell and Tat Bellamy-Walker. Erika Janik is executive producer, and theme music is by Breakmaster Cylinder. Additional music by Massimo Ruberti.

Special thanks to Anna Marandi, Chris Campany, Lauren Gaudette, and Garrett Neff.

Thank you also to everyone who responded to the survey and to those who spoke with Outside/In for this episode: Alex Whittemore, Daniel Mitchell, Mark Nystrom, Meaghan Kelly, Alex Texeira, Jesse Jaime, Aurelia Jaime Ramirez, Jenny Stowe, Mike Hass, Suzi Patterson, Mike Thiel, Allyshia Dycus, and of course, Bess Samuel.

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